Sportster 140



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The Sportster 140 is the smallest Hot Tub Softub makes. Perfect for a small space. A condo, Apartment, basement or even a BOAT! It sits 1-2 people comfortably and weighs less than 40 lbs.

Capacity: 1-2 People
Outer Diameter: 59 inches
Inner Diameter: 50 inches
Height: 24 inches
Number of Jets: 4
Gallons: 110 (530 litres)
Empty Weight: 50lbs (22.7 kgs)
Bi-Fold Lid Weight: 20lbs (9 kgs)
Hydromate Weight: 40lbs (18 kgs)
Filled Weight: 1445 lbs (657 kgs)
Dead Weight Floor Loading: 125 lbs/sq.ft (610 kgs/sq.m)

With every new Softub purchase, you receive the bi-fold lid; this is what will keep your Softub water heated and insulated from outside temperatures. Our locking straps (included with purchase) will allow for full safety and for your neighbors not to sneak a dip.

Also included:

  • Hydromate Power Pak (pump)
  • LED Colour Changing Light
  • Softub in your choice of interior and exterior colour
  • Filter with filter sock
  • Bi-fold Lid and locking straps
  • Owners Manual set up guide, and other materials
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty (must register upon receiving Softub)

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