Trust us, you deserve it ;)

At Northern Leisure Rentals we give you the opportunity to bring your vacation right to your back yard. Our hot tubs are designed to be placed wherever you can imagine yourself soaking all night long. Why pay for an expensive getaway when a simple booking can turn an average week into one you won't forget?

Step 1

First we bring the Hot tub to the area of your choosing. All we require is to be within 25 feet of a 110v (15amp) power outlet and have a cleared area of 7' x 7'.

Step 2

Then using an instant hot water heater we fill the tub with water heated to 104 F (We will even bring the water).

Step 3

Then we supply you with chemicals, show you the simplicity of water treatment and show you how to look after the tub during your rental.

Step 4

We then put the finishing touches on your tub and finish installing the accessories you requested.  

extra accessories

Step 5

When (and only when) you are completely satisfied we leave you able to instantly enjoy your tub with family and friends.

Hot Tub Rates:

Weekend: $350

1st week: $400

Each Additional week: $250

4 weeks upfront: $1000