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Want to feel ALIVE??

At Northern Leisure Rentals we want you to be able to live the life your built to live. With a cold plunge inside your own home you get the chance to enhance your day with an all natural dopamine rush that will leave you being able to tackle anything in your day! No more excuses.

For those that aren't quite as intense simply change the temperature to a toasty 105 and you've got your own single man hot tub.

Step 1

First we bring the equipment to wherever you like.

Step 2

Then we setup your equipment and make sure its ready for water.

Step 3

Then either you or us fill the plunge with clean water. ***Make sure to select "Cold Plunge Water Fill" at checkout if you would like us to bring the water.***

Step 4

Then you simply select your desired temperature.

These plunges will operate as low as 37 F and as high as 105 F.

Step 5

Then there's only one thing left to do; hop in and feel the surge of life come back into your veins.

Cold Plunge Rates:

1 week: $225

2 weeks: $375

3 weeks: $525

4 weeks: $525